It’s late, so I’m going to quote Tony of Vixy & Tony, who posted about their benefit concert this Sunday:

The Wayward Coffeehouse is currently shut down due to damage resulting from a nextdoor fire and its extinguishing efforts. They’re a small independent business, trying to get their place fixed up and reopened. And each day that the laborious process with the insurance companies, the building owners, and the repair contractors drags on, they’re losing money. So we’re here to help!

We’re having a house concert at House Cerulia on Sunday, December 19th at 6pm, with all proceeds going to the Wayward Phoenix Fund! We’ll do an evening of great music, pass the hat, and hopefully have other cool stuff going on…

The Wayward is well known in Seattle geek circles as a great place; run by geeks, home to the Seattle Browncoats, and friendly venue for such bands as Vixy & Tony, Skinny White Chick, and, of course, this past September, the supervillainy of CRIME and the Forces of Evil. And aside from the pass-the-hat (lol, I typed pass-the-hate XD ) around the benefit concert, there’ll be a raffle-auction of various snazzy items! Such as:

  • An Advance Review Copy (ARC) of Late Eclipses by Seanan Mcguire, autographed (release date March 1, 2011)
  • a full set of the first three October Daye books by Seanan McGuire, autographed
  • Jewellery from Unorthofox Trinketries
  • Several Firefly/Serenity related craft items by members of House Cerulia, as there should be
  • A still-in-shrinkwrap Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVD set that we Criminals, ahem, acquired, and…

    …an advance review copy of Dick Tracy Must Die, put together just for this benefit.

    Come out, if you can. Here’s the Facebook event page. If you can’t, throw the Wayward Phoenix Fund a few dollars directly.