Track 14 is finished. I went with a live track, the first I’ve posted, of a song that hasn’t been recorded in the studio yet; “Something’s Coming,” Live from the Lyons’ Den. I have Quen at leafdigital to thank for help in extracting out a mostly-separate vocal track for studio processing – thanks, Quen!

There’ll be a studio version of this song on a forthcoming album, but for now, on Dick Tracy Must Die, and you get a bonus live track as Track 14, and a little idea about how I start my shows these days. Enjoy:

We’re close now. Final mastering, final track order, booklet and graphics production; I want to make a couple of small changes to the tracks I recorded first, but not very much. Mastering, separately, is kind of a mystery to me, but I think I understand the idea. I hope I do, anyway. I have someone I want to ask about doing it, on a consulting basis at least, but I probably can’t afford them. We’ll see.

Also, my website is a mess, by which I mean damn, and I need to fix it, by which I mean now. I’ve been reading books but I’m strongly limited on computer keyboard time. If anybody out there has any suggestions for easier ways to do this stuff, and wants to help, or has ideas where I can get help, yell.

I can’t believe all 14 tracks are in the can. It’s crazy! But true! omg o.O