Well, okay, not until Saturday is it time for the big show, the last of the year as nobody will book anything but Christmas music in December and I gotta say: criminal elves don’t play that. And I won’t be playing any of that this weekend at The Lyons’ Den in Bothell, either, but I will be playing a big ol’ fleet of original music, a few covers I have permission to do – you can’t do most covers at the Den, they aren’t allowed, but I’m in the clear on these – and a few traditionals thrown in for good measure. The important bits:

I’ve also made a new Trad O’ th’ Fortnight recording. If you sign up for the mailing list, you can download a high-bitrate mp3 just for signing up. It’s Great Big Sea, the trad song the band presumably got their name from. The arrangement on their self-titled album is Bob’s, but the song itself is trad, and my arrangement is all my own, so there. Besides, it’s fun to play, and I have no idea what the lyrics mean, and that makes it cool.

Like fezzes.

Work proceeds apace on “Stay Away,” the 13th of 14 tracks on Dick Tracy Must Die. Stay tuned for further announcements. so close