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New date: Saturday, 20 November 2010, Lyons' Den

Dara in the Lyons’ Den, 20 November 2010. That’s a Saturday! Showtime is 8pm, doors open all day really but I’ll be setting up a little after 7. Two sets, no waiting, no cover! so donations important. Muah! I’m for it! C’MON TABBY YOU WANNA PIECEA ME? BRING IT XD

Hide from Me

“Hide from Me,” this week’s new song, sung by brutalist interrogators and heard by one of their victims, is really about the American torture programme, and how that programme became normalised. In a larger sense, it’s about difficult decisions – the difficult decision in this case not being to go along with criminal torture, making it de facto legal and a normal part of American governmental life. No, that was the easy decision. The difficult decision was to stand in the way of that freight train and sacrifice something to try to stop it.

Most Americans were onboard, cheering the train forward; both political parties and nearly the entire political class were, and still are. This evil becoming an American good is one way in which we former superheroes, now Forces of Evil, refused to change; it’s part of our downfall. We stood in front of that train. They didn’t like that.

This is a deeply stripped down song, almost to nothing. One melodic instrument, played with axes and razors. Singing that’s barely singing, more sung speech and chant, with the faintest hints of hiphop. The archer twins, Truth and Consequences, alternate main vocals; use earbuds or good stereo for the full effect. Solarbird, the Lightbringer, is on mandolin; Conscience plays with sound effects in the ghost vocals, and Cold Hard Reality provides percussion that sounds like a body being bludgeoned. Enjoy.

<a href="">Hide from Me by Crime and the Forces of Evil</a>

I finally made a myspace page

I finally made a myspace page for the band. Apparently, myspace music isn’t going to completely die for a while yet, so HERE IT IS! If you’re over there, friend me OK!

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