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Packing and sorting

So tomorrow’s the Everett show, I’ve been getting ready – I’ve already pre-loaded the PA into the car, I’ve got the setlists made up, I’m about to run through them again (in radio station format – start, skip to the end, see how it fits together) so I have as little as possible to do tomorrow morning.

C’mon out, if you can. Everett Market at Everett Marina, at 1pm.

getting back into shape

One of the problems with studio work is that your performance skills get flabby. They really do, and it’s a little disturbing how flabby they can get how quickly. So this week is all about getting back into shape for the Everett show (Everett Marina, 1pm) coming up on the 4th of July. There are a few songs I won’t want to play at a 4th of July show, but I’ve got plenty of new ones to make up for it – I’m getting some old traditionals back into shape, for example.

I have no idea of playlist order yet. I’m leaning towards two longish sets of vocal pieces and a small set in the middle of instrumentals. How’s that sound to you?

I should go to bed now. Oh, my intent in releasing Shout at the Desert was to get a new song out there for the show. So if you didn’t play it last week, here it is again:

<a href="">Shout at the Desert by Crime and the Forces of Evil</a>

And it’s just turned Canada Day. Happy Canada Day, everybody!

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