Been working on “Shout at the Desert” for the last couple of weeks now. Along with “Stay Away,” it’s one of the songs I use if I want to make a God Damned Impression in a short period of time. “Two songs: one for the desperate. One for the lost.” But recording it has been tricky.

I’ve never recorded and then taken back out as much as I have here. Original bassline? Gone, replaced with one much simpler. Original keyboard track? Gone, replaced with… well, technically two, but much simpler. Original two bodhran tracks? Gone, and spooled off to storage, not replaced. They all sounded awesome alone, or with just the zouk, or even when being recorded; and they all sounded like ass – the original bass line like spastic colon ass – put with the rest of the song. Seriously, I’d be listening and I’d think, ‘how the hell did this happen?’ and hit the SOLO button and it’d sound awesome again, and then back into the mix… and death.

The only percussion in this thing is struck mandolin, and that’s slightly off-timed, on purpose. Most of the timing in this thing is crazy precise, and the zouk and regular mandolin carry the beat. I played with a kokiriko track and some bamboo slap work and and other percussion and never even recorded any of it.

It’s teaching me… discipline, I think. It’s a scary little monster of a song. I think that fits.