Busy getting ready for the show tomorrow. John Seghers came over and gave me a lot of help last night – he set up my instrument pick up pre-amps for me and made them sound very very tasty. Thanks John! Right now I’m taking a break from rehearsing and doing laundry and realising I really need to clean the birdcage and scrub down the kitchen sink. IT’S GLAMOUR I TELL YOU NOTHING BUT GLAMOUR

Don’t forget the new single!

<a href="http://crimeandtheforcesofevil.bandcamp.com/track/thought-you-knew">Thought You Knew by Crime and the Forces of Evil</a>

I’ve gotten a little private feedback on it that’s been really pretty good so far, except for one bit of commentary about how much my voice sucks. That kind of thing would be easier to deal with if I wasn’t so damn neurotic sometimes, by which I mean all the time, srsly. Y HLO THER INTERNET LET ME ADD 2 YR FACEBOOKS or something

Anyway! 4-5pm tomorrow (Wednesday May 12th), Marina Park, Kirkland. The weather’s looking pretty good. I know it’s during the workday, but anybody from here gonna be there?