It’s official: I’ll be playing Centennial Park Amphitheatre in Redmond, Oregon on July 12th; a solo show, two sets starting at 1pm. It’s a new venue – they’re not even done building it yet! – so there aren’t pictures. This is where it’s going to be, though!

I’m all excited! I’ve never played this far south before and certainly never driven this far for a gig. It’s going to be an ADVENTURE! And scary. But awesome.

I would like to book another gig earlier that weekend in either Portland or Eugene, preferably Eugene. I’ve got crash space offers both places (thank you thank you thank you Andra and thank you thank you thank you Fred!) and if I’ve got one show I should surely have two, right? In an ideal world, I’d drive down to Eugene, do a show there, sleep, drive to Redmond, do the main show there, poke around at obsidian beaches that dragons left behind, then go up to Portland, sleep, do a smallish show there, and drive home after. Is that insane?

And btw, anybody got any connections at venues? ^_^