Hey, waddya think, should I do The Stranger‘s Gong Show? “Shout at the Desert” fits in four minutes, it’s played on a Weird Instrument (Irish bouzouki), and I don’t need anything more than the mic and an amp they provide. Hell, you see any reason not to do it? ‘Cause if you don’t, I think I should.

Assuming my voice is back, I mean. This sucks. I’m on day 3.5 of antibiotics and I feel fine except for my throat which is still lumpy and stupid. (This is how I always get sick: I get tired and a sore throat and generally that’s all there is to it.)

This throat fuckery is really starting to bother me badly. I almost had an emotional breakdown on Friday because I cannot, cannot, cannot stand the idea of my voice getting fucked up on me the day after I lay down the best fucking vocal tracks I’ve ever laid down ever, and I keep having nightmares (daymores?) about not being able to sing anymore now that I’m finally making my voice start to do the things I want it to do. Then I found out “oh look, I have strep” and thought “okay! Tuesday was just the start of symptoms and I got strep throat last weekend. I can deal with that. Hello, antibiotics! Glad to see you [nom].”

But I should be feeling better in the throat by now and I’m not. So I’m getting all fucked up again and I can’t find the name of that ENT on the eastside who sees all the Seattle Symphony Chorale people and is a specialist at working with singers and and and hate.

I hate this so much. It feels like every time I have a srs breakthrough I get a facepunch back in change and have to recover from that. This is yet another one of those times and I’m just AGJKJAHFLSUGFLIUEFGWKUYFD!!! I want to punch some things BUT MY ARMS ARE TOO FUCKED UP adhsflalifuhalweifuhawel (no they’re not worse they’re just the normal bad. But that’s bad enough.)

I should take my antibiotic and go to bed. Today was actually a pretty good day other than that. I did some Norwescon wrap-up, all my laundry, some post-tax paperwork cleanup, and today is housecleaning day and I was a sparkling fury of housekeeping, even where the cats threw up hairballs overnight, like they do. I got a lot of stuff done. I just want a throat that works.