HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “Let Me Help” gets a bass guitar solo TAKE THAT PRIMUS!

Really, it’s far too sedate to be compared to anything Primus – “Let Me Help” is Dick Tracy Must Die‘s only slow song, a ballad that I wrote to Anna, and I mean, I’ve only been playing bass a month, so, um, yeah. But it is an actual bass solo, and it’s totally the right thing to do here. I’ll need to re-record parts of it ’cause I’m only good enough to fake it in studio, not get it all right in one take, but the idea is down now.

(Jazz background peeking out? The deuce you say! Hi, have you met my flutework?)

Really, things are moving along pretty well. “Let Me Help” got a couple of new tracks today (including BASS SOLO lulz) and some more remixing, and I fiddled a little more with “Thought You Knew” and even “Artefacts” which got some more mixing clues added and they help. And I discovered (as was kind of inevitable) what kind of driving bodhran line “Stay Away” is going to have. Productive elf is productive.