Back from Norwescon, and am wiped out. But it was awesome. I met the local nerdcore band Death*Star; They’re playing the Blue Moon on April… 29th, I think? Verify the date, and then go see them. We traded EPs, and their Saturday night show was rawked the haus.

Also met up with the effervescent Tricky Pixie, and got to talk with Alec about mixing techniques – he’s been producing his own CDs for years, whereas I’m still learning what kind of shit I have to learn – and just catch up for a bit. (Tricky Pixie just wrapped up a tour – this was their last stop of the spring – but will be playing in Oregon at the end of July.)

My biggest regret is that I missed him and Vixy and Tony doing a workshop on recording techniques. Tony operates Monkey Brains Studios and has a good ear. (V&T’s next show is May 29th, in Seattle). I hope somebody who was there took notes.

Then as things wound down, a bunch of the bands got together for a big jam session on Sunday. That was all kinds of fun.

And now that the studio computer is done updating and rebooting, it’s time to test some of these suggestions. Fingers crossed.