I don’t really talk about them here, usually, but I had a solo gig last night as an instrumentalist; it was entertaining, the people were friendly, the other performer group they had came over and hung out ’cause they liked my work, and they had free b00ze – what else do you need, really?

Oh, right, MOAR GIGS. That’s what I need. Anybody got someplace they want to see me play? If I can get there, I’ll apply! (Assuming the money flows to the artist, of course. You know how that goes, it’s the same as in publishing.) And yes, I do tips/bar sales gigs – whatever works. I’d prefer singing gigs, obviously, ’cause I like those songs better and I write about things that I want out there, but I’ll take either.

Finally, I want to thank all the people who wrote reviews, both positive and negative. You can see a list of reviews here, in the comments section of the announcement post. The winner of the drawing is Maria-Katriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina! She was kind enough to leave me her email, so she’ll be getting the prize of her choice soon. ^_^