I have a bassline in the can! I’m pleased. It’s for “Thought You Knew,” which will be on Dick Tracy. It’s not the most complex thing in the world, really, but Anna did look up while I was practicing it in the media room and ask what it was from, because it sounded pretty good. It came from ME! Yay!

I’ve also started work on the two sound baffles I need for the studio window. I’m doing it in two parts because as a single unit it would be OMG HUGE (almost two metres wide, 130cm tall) and because if I make two smaller separate units with detachable legs, as is my plan, I can use them for other sound-managing tasks as needed – just pop ’em off the tall legs, put them on low supports, and ping! instant drum kit isolation. Or whatever. Options are good. It’s becoming necessary – too many people are getting out their lawn mowers and leaf blowers and and and WHY WILL YOU NOT SHUT UP I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL WITH MY HEAT RAY BUT LATER. You know, that sort of thing.

I’m not looking forward to the stink, tho’. I make these out of PVC and new carpet remnants that I get for usually around 40ยข/sq. foot at various liquidation houses. I make PVC frames, then wrap them on two sides with carpet, tying it together with twine. The sound dampening that results is really effective, even at lower frequencies, and clean. But new carpet is stinky stuff. Hopefully the roll I’ve had sitting in the basement a few months has lost some of its tang.

I knew I had a photo uploaded already! See below. The shaggy monolith on the right, up against the wall, is my main sound damper right now, and it’s made in this way. (Note: colour of carpet is not relevant. Hideousness is cheaper is just as quiet.) Note the PVC support to keep it from tipping over; it’s attached to the inside frame, but pops right off. The inside frame is MOAR PVC! And the window in the picture is the one I need to muffle:

Click photo to enragelarge

Finally, if you’re thinking of writing a review for the drawing, the deadline for the drawing is Sunday evening, at Midnight. Please give it a go! The review doesn’t have to be long, it just has to say what you think and point to the CFoE bandcamp site where other people can listen to the CD. Thanks!