NEW SONG: We're Not Friends (The Future Has a Place)

I have a lot of complicated feelings about this new song, which I wrote a lot about here, but it's about a turn of the tide, about what happens when stories about people change, about thinking maybe you do have a future:

Bone Walker RIGHT NOW:

Bone Walker, the neoceltic elfrock-and-instrumental album/Free Court of Seattle OST, is on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else. Press PLAY:

Bone Walker

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Rage-driven acoustic elfmetal?

We're former superheroes, now supervillains, playing rage-driven acoustic elfmetal.
No idea what that means? Press PLAY:

Dick Tracy Must Die

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Meanwhile, This Just In from Supervillain Central:

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This tweet sent me down an unexpected audio production rabbit hole: R. Derek Black – 6 May 2021: I think I love every one of the like 15 different versions of the song Valerie I’ve ever heard I went to listen to the Amy Winehouse version first, and look for some of the others, but [&hellip [...more]