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Latest media appearance:

Interview by WyldStyle Radio at Norwescon 38, April 2015.

Previously, on Seattle Geekly:

Seattle Geekly PodcastThe Seattle Geekly Podcast, February 2015.
With author Angela Korra'ti. Click through to listen.

Previously, on The Cosmic Ray Show:

Previously, on Transmission FM 88.5 Auckland:

Album covers:

Crime and the Forces of Evil: Bone Walker Crime and the Forces of Evil: Cracksman Betty
Crime and the Forces of Evil: Dick Tracy Must Die Crime and the Forces of Evil: Espionage (Live from Mars)


Live at The Dreaming Live at the B-Side Live at Inner Chapters Live from Mars Two Side Moon Live at Norwescon Live from the Lyon's Den


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Distribution of promotional materials is strongly encouraged. All designs and elements are ours except where rights are held by others, wherein they are used with permission, except for a couple of bits on posters where we got all appropriatey. If Banksy can do it, why can't we?

The arms and sigil of the Cascadian Mecha Militia Dance Dance Demonstration Team are original to us, and totally awesome, don't you think? Say yes, or it's HEAT RAY TIME FOR YOU.

I miss Yokohama