"it's really neat"

February 2015 Artist of the Week

Awarded by Tom Smith, at Filk Market.

"enchanting and uplifting"

"[ Bone Walker ] is... enchanting and uplifting, taking one into another world with an brilliant combination of Irish bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran, and various other percussion instruments... The combination of talents that went into producing this masterpiece is phenomenal. -- Dark Side of the Glass

"Packing a rum punch:"

"There's an element of public disobedience inherent in the songs, of being a lowdown outsider who is unapproved of by the rulers. In a way this is just what a gathering of super-villains actually is... Hanging out in the pub singing songs might be the most dangerous place on earth for the League of Justice for the Fortunate Few." -- Diamond Island

"every one better than what they've done before:"

"...it's clear on every [Cracksman Betty] track that the band have not been standing pat. The musicianship, singing, and recording have all been kicked up significantly, and there's not a song that doesn't show them pushing as hard as they can to make every one better than what they've done before." -- Westrider

"will light a fire under you:"

"Dick Tracy Must Die -- the newest CD by Crime And The Forces Of Evil: Purity and edge; technical prowess and a kick-ass attitude... this disc will light a fire under you! Check it out!" -- Heather Dale

"totally raving about it all morning:"

"[CFoE] did a House Concert out here, and totally rocked the house. And I mean rocked. It took me a long time to come down enough to drift off to sleep, with Stars still running through my head, and I'm still bouncing from it this morning. [...] When I went in to Blackbird [Cafe] to get Elixer this morning, I had people telling me they were bummed they'd missed it; the people who had been there were totally raving about it all morning [...] this was kind of in the same ballpark as having Lemmy or someone show up and do a set in the living room." -- Westrider on Livejournal, after a house concert.

"lustrous, hard, and pure:"

"[Dick Tracy Must Die is] outstanding... these birds are grown up and fly on their own... different, interesting, and independent at its core... biting insight and subtle wit... sincere and reasoned tenderness... Nothing's wasted here. ... I can't find a single [song] I dislike. ... The territory covered is impressive. I have yet to tire of it. The group characterizes itself as acoustic elf-metal. I would venture to say their sound is better described as acoustic elf-chrome—lustrous, hard, and pure." -- Paul Fergus at Diamond Island

"a big rocking thing that rocks:"

"Dick Tracy Must Die is one of the most unique things I've heard... I could talk about how awesome the drums sound, I could talk about how cool the very idea of mandolin thrash metal is, I could talk about how beautiful Let Me Help is or how creepy Artefacts You'll Never See is... but I'm not going to do any of that. Instead, I'm just going to say this: Dick Tracy Must Die rocks like some sort of big rocking thing that rocks." -- Gifted Gear

"hard-core folk for the 21st century:"

"Finally got around to listening to [Dick Tracy Must Die]. Great value. Hard-core folk for the 21st century. Vocals even more interesting than Joanna Newsom. You ever want some coldwave/electro beats down behind your acoustic stylings, you just let Vostok Lake know, sistah." -- Daphne Lawless, Vostok Lake

"brilliant and awesome:"

"[My Boyfriend] is brilliant and awesome. The super-shiny kind of brilliant that has to be shared with as many people as it can be..." -- Gleek, at And Now I'll Do't

"best of the ceilidh:"

"You were the best of the ceilidh" -- Red McWilliams, "America's Celt," 2010 Tacoma Highland Games

"Black Metal on mandolin:"

"I'm so glad someone else is writing in this vein. Musically and lyrically [My Boyfriend] is like a middle ground between Leslie Fish and King Missile... sometimes you have to do your Black Metal on mandolin and whatever less common instruments you have hanging around." -- tahkleet

"Cascadians, lend her your ears."

"[Sketchy Characters is] growing up and scraping your knee and finding your voice and figuring out what's really scary after all, and it's beautiful. Friends, romans, Cascadians, lend her your ears." -- Vicka Corey

"buy the thing:"

"[Sketchy Characters is] music for a nascent nation... originality... crunchy themes... worth following... buy the thing." -- Maellenkleth

insufficiently generic:

"[W]e are looking for music that is a little more upbeat and generic... I'm afraid we wont be able to use you." -- Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance


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