Current episode:

9 September 2013, Episode Five: the Bone Walker/Free Court of Seattle soundtrack, Jaegercon (the Pacific Rim fan convention), VCON, nwcMUSIC 2014.

10 July 2013, Episode Four: This Podcast is 22 minutes. Gates of Camelot, Heather Dale, Hello, the Future!, and lots of new releases and show news. Also, we're looking for a co-host. Semi-live from the semi-road!

12 June 2013, Episode Three: Local Midnight, Death*Star, Klopfenpop,
unexpected news from The Heather Dale Band, DIY on website design, more:

11 May 2013, Episode Two: Rai Kamishiro, Hello, the Future!,
a First Look at Ardour 3.1, more:

11 March 2013, premiere episode:

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the geekmusic podcast

Does what it says on the tin. Plays music by and for geeks, talks with musicians who are and are writing for geeks. Interested? Press PLAY.

Current episode is nr. five, September 2013; next episode is scheduled for November 11th, but we'll do an October episode if we can. Please have news items in before November 4th, via the contact page.

Live in Victoria, 2013