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Bone Walker

"[Bone Walker] is... enchanting and uplifting, taking one into another world with an brilliant combination of Irish bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran, and various other percussion instruments... The combination of talents that went into producing this masterpiece is phenomenal. -- Dark Side of the Glass

Cracksman Betty

"There's an element of public disobedience inherent in the songs, of being a lowdown outsider who is unapproved of by the rulers. In a way this is just what a gathering of super-villains actually is... Hanging out in the pub singing songs might be the most dangerous place on earth for the League of Justice for the Fortunate Few." -- Diamond Island

Dick Tracy Must Die

"Dick Tracy Must Die, the newest CD by Crime And The Forces Of Evil: Purity and edge; technical prowess and a kick-ass attitude... this disc will light a fire under you! Check it out!" -- Heather Dale

Welcome to the Free Court of Seattle

Enjoy some music while you read, won't you?

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Faerie Blood (Novel) Bone Walker (Novel) Bone Walker and Faerie Blood Not many book series rate a soundtrack album. But with music both woven into the story and integral to the core magics, Angela Korra'ti's Free Court of Seattle novels are uniquely suited to musical exploration and inspiration.

We've taken on that challenge, mixing neoCeltic, Japanese folk, elfmetal, and traditional music, building something new and unique. Click the play arrow above, and listen to what we mean as you read.

Faerie Blood (book one) and Bone Walker (book two) follow the story of Kendis Thompson, as she discovers her fey heritage, and the magic that is transforming both her world and the world around her. Her shifting alliances with the Unseelie bard Elessir, friend Jude, and reluctant Seattle warder and Newfoundland musician Christopher will come to shake the very structure of Faerie - and it comes out in the songs and music both in the novels and on the album.

With guests like Alexander James Adams, Skellington of Pinniped, Leannan Sidhe, and more, we've assembled the large group needed to realise the musical vision shared by both our band and the author. We think you'll agree. Find out by pressing play.