Yeah, yesterday was fun.

Night before last I started having these visual effects in my left eye. Now, I have a history of repeated childhood head trauma, and visual effects are real bad because it turns out when you have that trauma history, your retina can start to disintegrate in adulthood. That’s how I lost most of 2014 to repeated eye surgeries.

So when I started seeing these odd effects in my left eye, some of which were similar to previous effects, I was pretty much freaking out, because Oh Shit Not Again. But they weren’t exactly the same as the previous times, and what I was seeing also matched the description of a strange and rare migraine variation called ocular migraine, where it’s basically a migraine, but entirely confined to your retina and optic nerve.

And that’s there the ophthalmologist went, too. The good news is: no surgery. The other, mostly good news: it’s probably a clean bit of vascular membrane separation. This happens all the time, including to you. If you see floaters in your eye for a while? That just happened to you.

For most people, it’s harmless. In large cases, there’s a small (2-3%) chance of retinal involvement, and that’s not at all good – if your field of vision changes, that’s the sign you need to see someone immediate.

For me, by contrast,, that percentage had so far been 75%, not 2%, because if there is the outer edge of a bell curve to be found, I will goddamn well find it.

Those odds now down to 60%, which is much better. He examined the hell out of my retina and couldn’t find any sign of disturbance. It looks healthy as all hell.

Which is why haven’t actually ruled out ocular migraine either, because what I’m seeing with the neon-like lights business actually fits that better. If I didn’t have a big new floater, that’d probably be the only thing under consideration. Good part of that is: nobody understands it, but it’s confined, and has no symptoms – no headache, even – other than the optical effects, and the prescription is “well, just put up with it, it’ll go away. And then come back, and then go away, but it doesn’t hurt and generally won’t change much.”

The doc doesn’t think anything will happen, I just have to keep an eye on it – EYE on it! HA! – for six weeks to be safe, and I have a follow-up appointment in July. If something retinal were to happen, well… I’d be back on hiatus.

But not today.

I gotta say, I have never been so happy to be working on a drum track all my life. 😀