I guess I lied, there is one more stage monitor speaker post, sort of.

I’m still kind of curious about who “Lakeside Engineering, Seattle, Wash.” might have been. Here’s a scan of the logo, off the better old patch panel, now removed. (The worse one had been partly painted over. I’ve saved both, I might add. No good reason, really, but it’s not like they’re big.)

I’ve cleaned up the scan and made the black background solid black again, but I haven’t really altered anything in the logo itself. I even left the scratches, and missed spots in the original silkscreen.

If you know anybody who might know who Lakeside Engineering was, pass this along. I’m mostly just curious, and kind of feel a little like sending someone down memory lane. And if they want to see some of their gear put back into order, just point them at the compilation post.

I’ve re-badged the speakers, by the way:

Because hey – why not?