North Carolina’s GOP-controlled legislature came into special session today and passed through both houses a bill repealing all LGBT protections and making it illegal for trans kids to use most washrooms.

God damn these sons of bitches can move fast when they’ve got some kids to hurt.

The bill also repealed all local minimum wage laws – that was buried in the middle. Surprise! Also workplace safety and the like.

Hey, Republican Party, NC GOP, I just want to know – so far, you’ve just been hurling slurs on twitter, but for the signing, are you gonna step it up? Maybe drag some trans kid up on the stage and bash ’em in the face for blood for the governor’s pen? Or is that too, I dunno, theatrical?

I have to say, from out here, it’s hard to know. You’re very fond of torture, we know that, and nothing gets you hard like hurting queer kids. But at the same time, you’re not so very fond of getting your own hands dirty. You like hurting people from a distance, so you can relax, point, and laugh.

I can’t really, at the moment, imagine being more contemptible than you. I can imagine more evil than you, sure – that’s easy.

But more contemptable?

That’s difficult, I have to admit.

eta: The reason it was unanimous in the Senate is that the Democratic caucus – which could not win – walked out in protest.

eta2: North Carolina Gov. McCrory confirms through his spokesman that he will be signing the bill tonight. All this in one day. Boom. OUTTA MY WAY, SMEAR THE QUEER IS BACK ON AND I GOT ME SOME FAGGOT KIDS TO SMASH, say the Republicans. Grotesque.

eta3: AND AND AND it voids CHILD LABOUR RULES. SPECIFICALLY. WOW, how did I miss that part? They really like abusing children.