…and we’re back! Hiya! Back from St. John’s and Torbay and Shediac and Moncton and Joliette and Montreal and Toronto! Working backwards, more or less. There is far too much, and I’m still updating my written old-school journal, but there are things! And I have proof!

I stood in a Great Lake in Beaches:

Yes, my feet are in the water, even if it doesn’t look like it.

And The Mighty If, who was at the house concert later, posted video he took with his camera from the show, which is probably the first recording anywhere of “Get Out”:

Not you, you can stay

We hiked all over Toronto, or at least, downtown parts. This was an Eyesore of the Month building in the drawing stages some years ago and I looked at the drawings and totally agreed, but this is one of those cases where the drawings – and also what it looks like from a distance – are totally wrong, because on the ground once you’re nearby? It works great:

Look at this insanity. LOOK AT IT!

Holy Shit, Bay Street!

No left turns, indeed

Also for some reason some of their street cars have Elfquest pr0n names:

Intersects with Softsheath

And we found out where Cabbages Guy went after he left CabbageCorp:

My Cabbagetown!

And apparently:

Inspector Spacetime got a double-wide

Okay, okay, enough fandom crap. XD Toronto was awesome. How awesome? This awesome:

Canada Doesn’t Hate You

Thanks again so much again to Cow for having me in for a show (and for crash space!), and to both Cow and If for posting videos and pictures and everything! đŸ˜€

Next up: MontrĂ©al! This is already too many pictures, so I’ll post about that on Friday.

Tomorrow, the first of the studio build-out posts! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do – in everything – but that’s okay. Time to get busy!