First: my condolences to everyone in Colorado affected by the shooting spree early this morning. I don’t have anything to say that anybody else doesn’t, so I won’t, other than to hope that all the injured will recover well.

To business.

Remember the Trad o’ th’ Month project that turned into the album Cracksman Betty? Which, if you haven’t listened to, you should? Well, Leannan Sidhe have started a similar project. Their lead singer and songwriter was up here at Criminal Studios yesterday, for recording. Ta da:

Ain’t modern technology somethin’? Studio approval to online in six hours, and most of that travel time.

That’s me on percussion, by the way. ^_^

Meanwhile, enjoy a poster! It’s the Musicians of Bronycon! I had no idea until recently how many musicians there were in MLP fandom, but look at that thing! And that’s just from one convention!

Finally, I’ve been working on restoring a bit of lost fanac from the 1980s. I got a video ripper a few weeks ago and have been pulling things off old VHS cassettes. One of these is a 1985(?) stage-production musical parody of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan called Wrath Side Story. It’s about 40 minutes long and was performed at a convention called BableCon.

It’s extremely silly, but I think also kind of hilarious.

Not this musical, but…

Through repeated rips and a lot of massaging, I’ve got what I think is a watchable beta release. The tape was at its best a third or fourth generation copy and is badly degraded, and there are still a couple of places where video is lost temporarily right up front. But it’s only a couple, and they’re brief. I still hope to get them back through more rerips and massaging.

I’d like to see what other people think, get suggestions, things like that.

Enjoy: Wrath Side Story (now on youtube).