More photos from the Vancouver Island trip! I have a few more photobombs to lob at you before I’m done, and this is one.

I’d never sailed BC Ferries before – even going to Vancouver Island has been a Seattle ferry or Kenmore Air trip. So this was a new experience. BC’s ferries are a lot bigger than Washington’s. And a bit more expensive, but also… don’t get me wrong, I love our ferries? BC’s are nicer. The trips are longer so that makes sense, of course. But still. Seven decks, quite tall, multiple restaurants, business cubbies so you can work, it goes on a while.

It was typical Cascadian sunshine on the way out. This is from the forward restaurant, run by White Spot – nothing crazy, but a nice buffet:

I went up top to take some outside photos. It wasn’t too windy when we left, and only light rain. The light rain part mostly stayed, but the wind – hoo boy. Seriously, I came ’round a corner on the top deck out of shelter I didn’t realise was shelter and literally almost got knocked over. The rain hurt. I’ve been in typhoons before, and this wasn’t quite that bad, but damn.

I swear to you this photo is in colour.

Lonely Island

The trip back five days later was very strange. Somebody had angered Ra, apparently, and he was looking down with fury. Still, makes for interesting high-contrast photography, I suppose.

Big Tower

That wall on the left? That’s the wall I walked around and into the SURPRISE WINDS that almost knocked me over. Again, it provides shelter; Anna and I hid under that tower for a while to escape Ra’s gaze:

Not Entirely Successfully. Fortunately, we are not vampires.

Less wind than before, too. I’ve said it before, but I love taking panorama shots. It’s genuinely 75% of why I wanted a newer phone than I already had. Widescreen is awesome.

Yep. Them’s Islands.

Some foolishly risk Ra’s wrath

I tweeted this next one – BC Ferries picked it up, replied, and retweeted it – and I should probably say something about our doppelgangers heading into the time loop vortex around Vancouver Island and how we’re on the other boat or other-dimensional versions of us are because they have to replace us or we can’t leave or something but eh, I don’t have time, the Sleestak get cranky if you bring it up, and I have taxes to do and music to make. I just like the picture. 😀

Hi Opposite Boat!

Anyway, back to work. Bigger versions of these photos on my photostream, like before.