For reasons directly related to the soundtrack album, I need to know how to count to four in Scots Gaelic. Ideally, I can get someone who can record this being done correctly, and if possible, even, work with me on pronunciation so I get it right.

Or, failing that, get it with a Newfoundland accent. That would also be okay. Arguably, hilarious, but probably only to us.


Since there’s usually more than one way to count (Japanese has nine systems, English has at least five (one, two, three four; first, second, third, fourth; primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary; triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon; others, more obscure)), I need one that’s mostly single-syllable, if at all possible. Like for, oh, a four-beat count-in.

Anna found this page of numbers for me, but I don’t know whether those are appropriate numbers, much less how to pronounce them. Anybody know?

ETA: Thanks to everyone replying so far, and to @GaelicTweets for the retweet! I now know the website numbers are correct – but I’m rubbish at reading phonetics and the linked website’s sound link doesn’t work for me. I would dearly love a recording of a native speaker or first-generation non-native fluent speaker pronouncing these. (The latter would actually describe the character exactly; he’s fluent, but not native; his father was a native speaker.) You’d get liner notes mention and a download code for the album once it comes out… ^_^