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Holy crap, we made it above the fold on! HOW DID THAT I DON’T EVEN?! XD But you – yes, you! – help us stay there by clicking here and then clicking on “Vote” under the number in the upper left of the entry. You don’t need an account to vote! Help keep us on the front page! o/

Also, check out these awesome Folklife photos from Ruth Bacharach! I just got email, they’re awesome. XD Here’s one, but there’s more at her link:

photo by Ruth B. Bacharach

Finally, we’re having problems with our upstream IP connectivity again, so the website is a little… spotty… right now. We’ve done with this crap and are going to rebuild from the ground up, so if things are a little weird, we’re not going away. It’s because KILL ALL TELCOS. Seriously. Death by fire.

So what the hell is this exactly?

Last night Anna and I went over for dinner to Mark and John’s house – I knew Mark in high school, omg – and they’ve been clearing stuff out of family storage, including this!

It’s a lot like a Cajun accordion, but the stops are wrong and it’s in G. I think. It does work, tho’ it needs a little adjustment, and it’s stamped GERMANY USSR OCCUPIED.

What the hell is this thing? (Other than, yes, awesome, and USSR OCCUPIED.) Anybody?

Review roundup!

Time for a Dick Tracy Must Die review roundup! If you know of any reviews I haven’t seen – and I find Google’s web tracking to be highly unreliable – please let me know!

Same for if you review it yourself! I love reviews. Any reviews, seriously, because word-of-mouth is most of what we independent musicians have. Like Seanan McGuire has said, even negative reviews are good reviews because, and I quote, “having reviews reminds people that a thing is worth reviewing.”

So all reviews are ♥, and here are three that are ♥ ♥ ♥!

Over on Amazon, people have posted two really positive reviews! It’s very exciting. ^_^

The first is from R. Piper, who says, “crime et. al. do amazing things with bouzouki, voice, lyricism, and emotion. “something’s coming” is truly scary, “”stars” is wistful-teary, when you leave” is a total song-virus, and “my boyfriend” just makes me laugh :)” Yay!

The second is from Silussa (hiya! XD ), who says, “I won’t claim that this CD sets a mood; the tone of “My Boyfriend” and of “Hide From Me” are completely opposite. However, if you want something very definitely not mainstream pablum, but rocking enough to crank down the windows and turn the radio up, then I recommend Dick Tracy Must Die.” Thanks! I hope people take your recommendation! o/

The third is over on CD Baby, one of the places you can order the physical CD. There’s a new review entitled “Metallurgical Delight,” by Paul Fergus: “I’m blown away by the growth and diversity of what is now a full fledged wild growth of gemstone artistry. I know other people are cluing in, but I still feel that nyah ha ha covetous glee of having found a true treasure at last in the adventure realm…” Dude! Thanks!

I’d love to know what iTunes listeners think, but there haven’t been enough ratings yet. Go rate it, iTunes users, pleeeeeeeeease! ^_^

That’s all for this month! Hopefully there will be more in June. The next big show is at Seattle’s Venus Lounge/Mars Bar, in July. Hope you can make it!

PS: Since I’m quoting Seanan here, I want to note that the second in her Mira Grant Newsflesh series, Deadline, just came out. I read Feed, the first book, and if you haven’t, you really should. That’s true even if you’re not particularly into zombies; it’s political thriller SF wrapped in a crunchy horror outer shell, and nicely done. One of the things I respect in an author is a willingness not to pull her punches, and she doesn’t. I’ll be reading Deadline as soon as I can get a copy.

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